The most famous types of white wines

White wine can also be made from red grapes. It tastes lighter than red wine and contains several different flavors. The acids stand out more due to the much less tannin, which originates from the skin of the grapes and which gives the red wine its color and characteristic taste.

The saying that it gets better with age does not apply to white wines. The impact of moderate consumption of white wines is positive on health. The composition of white wines highlights essential amino acids that help protect the skin.

We think there are enough reasons to try gold drops. We bring a summary of the most popular types of white wine in the world ..


Chardonnay originates from France, the region of Burgundy (Bourgogne). The most famous white wine in the world. Light, fruity aromas and sour. We distinguish 2 types of Chardonnay wine:

  • chardonnay that did not stand in a barrel, the so-called. fresh chardonnay
  • chardonnay aged in a barrel

Depending on where it comes from, it is adorned with classic fruit aromas of melon, apple or grapefruit (cold belt) or aromas of peach, mango and pineapple (southern belt). It thrives better on poorer soils, but can adapt to other soil types.

In terms of quality, it can go from mild to extremely serious taste.

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Riesling this variety originates from Germany, it is the twentieth most widespread species in the world. It is processed from Europe to the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. Depending on the method of production it can be a dry wine with a high percentage of acids or a very sweet wine. The aromas that can be felt vary around the climate, from the fruity aromas of apple and lime in the southern climates to the honey and heavier notes in the colder climates.

In our country, he is often known as the king of gems.

"Wine is a thing, miraculously meant for people, to be applied to good and bad health in the right amounts."

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc , although the translation of the name is not promising (sauvage) – savage, (blanc) – white, it is elegant, likable and one of the best-selling fresh wines in the world. He gained popularity in New Zealand. Unlike Riesling, it suffers from oak, so its taste varies through mineral overtones and light notes, to strong fruity aromas of figs and melons.

Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc are the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Traminer (Gewürztraminer) variety originates from Traminer in northern Italy, is often grown in Central Europe, can be found in California, Australia and New Zealand. The common prefix gewürz, which means spice, evokes a subspecies that has a more aromatic and delicate juice.

Traminer is used to make dry and sweet white wines, with characteristic “spicy” aromas. Refreshing pale golden wine.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is another Frenchman in a row. 😊 It is considered the most successful French wine. It originates from the Loire Valley in France, and is also grown in South Africa, South America and California. Extremely adaptable variety of wine, depending on the climate in which it is grown gives different aromas. It varies from floral and honey aromas to richer and drier variants.

Produces sparkling, dry and sweet wines, even brandy.


Sémillon is a French wine from the Bordeaux region, also grown in Australia, the USA, Chile and South Africa. By production we get sweet, shiny, dry and high quality wines. Again, this variety develops different aromas depending on the region in which it is grown.

Sémillon is the main ingredient of one of the most expensive and most prized wines in the world – Château d’Yquem

We hope we have clarified some of the basic differences between white wines, now that you know a little more about them, you can choose a wine to your liking in our web shop.


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