Slightly warming up .. See which wine fairs we have visited in the last month

Given the global pandemic and the rigorous measures that apply to all of us, wine fairs, various events and business have had to wait for conditions to improve and measures to be lifted in order to be maintained again.

We finally welcomed, patiently, the reopening and socializing.
Wine fairs and festivals are a great opportunity to taste top wines for all wine lovers and those who are yet to become.

Winemakers participating in wine fairs have the opportunity to present their wines to a wider audience. There is no reason to think that only wine connoisseurs visit fairs, there is room for everyone. Take the opportunity and talk to the winemakers, ask anything you are interested in, we look forward to your questions.

At fairs you have the opportunity to enjoy small snacks, which are paired with a wine offer. Don’t forget to be properly hydrated with water during the tasting, because the wine can reach you when you least expect it.

Vinart Grand Outlet

In June this year, we visited the prestigious Vinart Grand Tasting – or Vinart Grand Outlet!

Instead of a business wine fair, Vinart organized a temporary wine outlet store with the best wines of Croatia and the region.

It was our pleasure to host all of you in the beautiful ambience of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Vinart Grand Tasting is a professional wine fair, in which exhibitors previously selected exclusively according to quality criteria participate

The fair is business-oriented, but this year, given the given circumstances, they tried to give an opportunity to all wine lovers to try best wine by organizing a Grand Outlet. In the gallery below you can see what we have recorded.

Wine Enogastro Vip Event- Split

We also participated in the Wine Enogastro Vip Event held this week in Split, Hotel Amfora.

The organization of this event had an educational and humanitarian character. In addition to the tasting dinner, all participants in this event could participate with a financial contribution for Petrinja (HR).

The event was business-oriented, through education, enogastronomy, culture and customs of the city of Split, a great gathering and presentation was organized.

This international conference of wine, catering and gastronomic experts will take place in a total of five destinations, we recommend you go to the same, more information at:

Challenging times are ahead of us, caterers, tourism and other facilities that maintain our business and place our wines to end customers or you, try to send positive energy and we want to serve only the best in front of your table, so do not wait today or tomorrow, but respond to invitations to various events because that is how you support all of us to exist and be even better!

Cheers! Nuić Vineyards

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