Mundus Vini Summer Tasting

Mundus vini Awards 2020

The effort and commitment that we invest in the development of our wines, is once again recognized by top wine connoisseurs. This year’s 27th prestigious MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2020 competition awarded our two wines a gold medal.Among the great competition, in which 4,500 winemakers from all over the world and 120 judges took part, we stood out with two wines:

Proud of our success, we suggest you, dear companions and wine lovers, a glass of top quality Trnjak or Merlot. Gather the courage to try the wine of an old robust grape variety and discover.

Gold medal Trnjak 2016

Merlot Gold Medal 2015

“Relax with pleasantly selected company, open a bottle of magnificent wine and enjoy.”

The first step to success is taken when you refuse to be captives of the environment in which you first found yourself.

-Mark Caine
A word from the organizers

“Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we have been confident that this August we will be able to offer wines from around the world a professional tasting environment. Together we have developed and implemented an appropriate security concept. My biggest thanks to the wine experts for their cooperation. It would be a great pity if we could not give our recommendations for the best wines at the 2020 summer tasting. Both winegrowers and consumers rely on the results of the MUNDUS WINE tasting for Now 20 years. We did not want to lose this trust. “

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