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Slightly warming up .. See which wine fairs we have visited in the last month

Wine fairs and festivals are a great opportunity to taste top wines for all wine lovers and those who are yet to become.
Winemakers participating in wine fairs have the opportunity to present their wines to a wider audience.

What are the most prestigious wine competitions?

There are prestigious wine competitions in the world of wine, for all those who love wines but were not familiar with this topic, we have prepared a short summary of the most prestigious wine competitions.

All about decanting wine

Decanting is a traditional element of formal wine serving and can be said to have an aesthetic character as well.
The wine in the crystal decanter looks really lustful.

Everything you need to know about Rosé wines

Rosé wine has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity lately. It is often placed in the context of a woman’s drink which is wrong. Both sexes enjoy a glass of good rosé. It is an elegant, light and refreshing experience. They are generally presented with warm weather and snacks, but are versatile and drinkable enough for all seasons.

Have you ever wondered why a Magnum bottle?

Magnum wines are ideal for larger gatherings, they are aesthetically elegant and impressive for your guests. …
Wines poured into these bottles mature better and slower and taste consistently better than when matured in standard bottles.

Did you know how many types of wine bottles there are

Bottle of tal. bozza is a wine packaging with a long tradition. Each category of wine uses a bottle of a certain size, shape and color of glass…

The most famous types of white wines

White wine can also be made from red grapes. It tastes lighter than red wine and contains several different flavors…

The most famous varieties of red wines

The history of red wines goes back a long way, the first evidence of wine drinking being nine thousand years old…

A small school of wine terms

In order to better understand wine and enjoy it, it is necessary to get acquainted with some wine terms. How to serve wine, pair it with food and …

BonTon Wine

Wine is enjoyed, which is why it should be treated with special care, there are a few rules to use the best that it can provide …

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